Shop policy and general info

Shipping and refunds

✸ All orders are shipped within a week (unless otherwise stated). All digital items are sent within 24 hours. Because of COVID-19, please expect shipping delays, especially for international orders. Your order is being shipped from Madrid, Spain.

✸ International shipping is available. Please be aware that, depending on your country's import laws, you may have to pay a customs fee when your package arrives in your country.

✸ All sales are final. Responsibility for lost or damaged items once they have been shipped will not be accepted. Nonetheless, please get in touch at if you have any concerns or troubles so a solution can be provided to you.

✸ The default shipping is without tracking (unregistered). If you are interested in tracked shipping, please send and email to

✸ Pedidos locales (Madrid): Existe la posibilidad de entrega en persona. Por favor contacta conmigo antes de realizar el pedido para no tener que pagar el envío.


Packaging and sustainability

✸ Whenever possible, paper products are printed on recycled paper, and textile work is made from vintage or deadstock fabric (further information can be found in the product description).

✸ All mailers can be recycled. Please take into consideration that the products might be sent in reused packaging from other sources/purchases.

✸ If possible, please reuse the packaging, or recycle it in case it is not possible. Reusing and recycling reduces waste in our planet and the impact we make on the environment.

✸ I am working towards providing packaging made from 100% recycled materials (not just recyclable), offering sustainable shipping options (zero-emission), and creating a production model without product waste. I am also always trying to find ways to reuse, recycle and go for eco-friendly options when creating my products.


Giving back

Currently 50% of the proceeds from the "Taking care of our inner and outer trees" colouring page are being donated to Treedom, a platform that plants trees through small and sustainable agroforestry projects. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Once the tree is planted, you can follow the development of the project online. Trees are planted as soon as enough proceeds are gathered to plant one.

I will keep donating to different organisations that help making this world a better place.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any other questions! Please keep in mind this is a one-person small business. Thank you :-)