I am safe


A wall hanging made with naturally dyed cotton fabrics and a linocut illustration, all hand-sewn in a quilted style. It is based on the idea of home and feeling safe — there is a little pocket in the back to keep all things you relate to home protected. The warmth of the earthy tones reminisce the warmth of being at home. It includes three tabs on the top for easy hanging. Please do not wash it.

There are five different designs:
✸ [1 - SOLD] Dyed with onions and avocado — 25x30.5cm
✸ [2] Dyed with black beans and onions — 25x29cm
✸ [3] Dyed with black beans, beetroot and onions — 23x29cm
✸ [4 - SOLD] Dyed with avocado, beetroot and black beans — 24x29.5cm
✸ [5] Dyed with beetroot, black beans and onions — 23x30cm

Let me know in the order's notes what home means to you! I will include a small charm or drawing based on it in the back pocket ;-)