Textile piece ✸ Genesis

Textile piece ✸ Genesis

An experimental piece that encompasses the similarities in the creation myths from different traditions, where light takes over a world of chaos and allows life as we know to unfold. The lightweight see-through fabric hints at the liminal moment in between darkness and light, the numinous and the material world.

It can be showcased as a wall hanging (with push pins, clothes pegs on a string...), stacked one of top of another, or in any other way you can think of! Please do not wash it.

Screenprints are made from deadstock or fair trade chiffon and voile. The design has been screeprinted on four different fabrics (please check the second image):

✸ [1] Cream-coloured deadstock voile (net like texture)
✸ [2] Cream-coloured deadstock chiffon (silky and soft) [SOLD OUT]
✸ [3] White fair trade voile (100% organic cotton - lightweight and prone to create linen-like wrinkles)
✸ [4] Cream-coloured deadstock poly-chiffon (textured and silky)

The size of the piece is approximately 40x55cm, although it varies from print to print due to the limitations of the fabric. The size of the actual artwork is 35x45cm. There is a limited amount of copies for each type of fabric.